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Releasing * Ritual with the Sea

This is a ritual for release things, people or situations that you no longer want in your life and bring back to you the blessings you wish.

During the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipses and some specific numerology dates are more auspicious times for the effectiveness of this ritual.

In order to do this, you will need:

  • A natural material basket (Wicker basket);
  • Fresh flowers;
  • Candy’s of honey;
  • Raw rice;
  • Honey;
  • 7 ribbons of 7 different colours;
  • Paper and pen.

How to do the Ritual:

If you wish you can put a candle and incense to inspire you to get into more meditative and profound state of connection with the spirit world.

First sit alone in meditation, ground and connect yourself to focus in writing all the things, people or situations you wish to release from your life and, on the other hand, all the wishes you wish to realize. Put all on paper, like you are writing a letter. Put the date and sign in the end.

Get the basket and put the letter on the bottom of the basket;

Spread all the flowers over the letter;

Spread the candy’s of honey, the rice and the honey over the flowers;

Tape tight the ribbons with the 7 colours around the basket.

Go to the sea

Make the offering to the sea saying out loud:

ā€œMay the Sea and the Goddess of the Sea (Brazilian Orixa Iemanja), take all the bad that my enemies wished to me and bring back to me all the beauty of the flowers and all the sweetness of the honey.ā€

Give the basket to the sea and say Thanks.


Now wait and see within the next few weeks or months what meaningful changes happen in your life. What things or people left your life and what blessings came to you.

Then, you will know the power of making this simple ritual.

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