Sonia Indigo Academy & Shakti Spiritual Healing Center


The international Sonia Indigo Academy and the Shakti Spiritual Healing Center started in 2012 in Varkala Beach, South India, and offers Retreats, Courses, Workshops, Therapies, Classes in the areas of Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching, Astrology & Numerology, Counseling, for both men’s and woman’s, even though more than 90% of our clients and students are woman’s.

All courses and workshops are offered in English, while the therapies, Astrology & Numerology, Coaching and Counseling  can be done in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

The center is an abode of peace and shelter from the pressures of mundane life. It provides a safe environment for personal development and the pursuit of a spiritual path. Our world-wide students often visit India looking for a deep connection to themselves, in moments of life change, and to experience the profound spirituality of Ancient India and ancestral Yoga, Ayurveda, healing, astrology, shamanic traditions, among others.

Here we offer a safe space, time, teachings, therapies and tools  for the students/clients to recover from their daily life’s, look inwards and make a real inner change.

We also provide for our students, clients and guests a spiritual /alternative  / esoteric library for them to make their own study, advising them what could be a good book for them to read, according with their needs.



We provide accommodation in two double balcony rooms and four dormitories with included shared kitchen, fast wi-fi and mineral water in the Shakti Home incorporated in our Center.