Codependency, HEALING

Causes Of Co-Dependency

Ok, now that we know the patterns-and-characteristics of a Co-Dependent person, comes the question: From where this comes from? What is the origin source for a person develop such characteristics? While the answers aren’t the same for everyone, for most people it begins in childhood. This is important because children are extremely impressionable. Young children… Continue reading Causes Of Co-Dependency

Daily Numerology Diaries, KNOW YOURSELF

Numerology, A Day 9

Some days are just like this: MAGICALLY FLOWING! Morning, Yoga Class, beautiful, since long time I was not teaching and i just loved to came back to it. The morning flows with no struggles, the babies don't cry, they don't "stuck" on me, I can go to work peacefully, the computer, the internet and the… Continue reading Numerology, A Day 9